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I hated the Romanies when I was a skinhead

Stanislav Štrunc

I started hating the Romany nation more and more.I abandoned myself to racism and became a skinhead…..

I hated the Romanies when I was a skinhead
   I was full of rebellion and hatred towards anyone who tried to meddle in my life.I acted in an opposite way than I was expected.I enjoyed being spiteful.I was bothered with the problems of the society, it seemed to me that nobody was trying to solve them.So I decided to take the law in my own hands.I joined the movement „Skinheads“and hated the Romanies very much.
   In my view only the violence could solve the Romany question.I didn´t know that what I needed was to meet the Creator of the universe.After experiencing Jesus Christ´s love I found out that sin was responsible for all the problems of the people.Jesus let me experience his love and it has completely changed my life.Nowdays I love Jesus and the Romanies I worked with for a few years in the streets and in the families.I even worked as a preacher in the Romany Christian church for more than a year.The Lord gave me the grace of witnessing about my conversion in many places, even on the radio.Isn´t our Lord powerful?I believe if he could change my life he can change anybody´s life.
   My parents never told me about God that ´d created all the universe.Nobody even told us about God at school.In spite of the fact that my parents tried to bring me up and were very nice with me, just the same my heart was desirous of ruling everything alone without taking others´advice.On the other hand I often thought about the point of being here on the earth.What´s exactly the purpose of my life?The only thing I can say today is that I didn´t find anything during my meditations on life.I desperately wanted to rise in the world but my problem was that I hadn´t known what I´d have liked to do.
   At that time I made friends with a boy who´d been a skinhead.We often talked a lot about the mankind´s problems and we often ended up talking about problems with the Romanies.I had some troubles with them at that time.Something bad started developing in my heart.
   I started hating the Romany nation more and more. I abandoned myself to racism and became a skinhead.
I bought a bomber jacket and had my hair cut close to the skull.Since then, I´ve taken part in many skinheads´meetings not only from the Czech Republic but also from Europe.I experienced many fights between skinheads, the Romanies,Vietnamies, Jugoslavs and anarchists as well.
Some time later I began to lose my footing.I started living in fear of revenge from my new enemies who were plentiful.I also played truant and I stopped studying at the secondary school.As if I suddenly lost the purpose of finishing my education.Consequently,I was expelled from the school.Gradually, the chasm between me and my parents started increasing and all of a sudden I was completely down in the mouth.I began to feel suicidal.
The person who wanted to solve the mankind´s problems was suddenly drawning in the mire of his own problems.
At that time my elder brother became a Christian.I remember when he came home from the church meeting for the first time his eyes sparkled with incredible peace.I´d known him before and now I was literally overcome by the positive change in his life.I started noticing his behaviour and I talked to him about it.
   Some time later I felt like going to the church meeting which he´d attended.My first encounter with Christians was wonderful for me.I felt as if I was in another planet.I experienced love and welcome.God softened my heart.Then, the pastor stood up and started preaching from the Bible which so far had been an unknown book for me.I was cut to the quick because the pastor´s word reflected exactly my own situation.I couldn´t get rid of amazing at the things that the pastor said.They were so personal for me.I began to weep profoundly during his sermon.The Holy Spirit went through the hard and hurt shell of my heart.What followed next was just my spontaneous reply to the God´s call.The pastor asked if there was somebody among the presents who would have liked to give his life to Jesus and confess him his sins.
   Without hesitating I stood up and stepped forward to the pulpit.I knelt down and cried in tears to my Creator to receive me in his kingdom.During this prayer I could feel a kind of warm stream,God´s love warmed me and the peace was with me.I experienced relaxation of my mind as if a great burden fell off from me.I was feeling like a new creature I knew for sure that from now on, my life wouldn´t be the same.
   My life´s changed fundamentally since then.Jesus Christ held me tight and hugs me lovingly.At the same time God himself gave me the answer to the question why I ´m here and what his plan for my life is.Nowdays I know that only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life./John 14,6/.The Lord gave me the possibility of finishing another secondary school.
   I had the possibility of studying the biblical school and becoming a preacher as well as missionary for a year.I looked after the drug addicts and this is really marvellous I´ve been preaching the Gospel even to the Romanies for a couple of years.God changed my heart and attitude towards this gorgeous nation.God gave me a superb wife as well and I´m luckily married.God is wonderful and the life with him is fantastic.
And where can you find me?Here are web pages with the
Stanislav Štrunc, Praha, duben 2003

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