And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.
1 John 3,23

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Through the course Alfa towards Jesus

Iveta Chmelařová

I worked out my own horoscope, was able to find out according to my name and date of birth what my life´d be like.I was mesmerized by fortune-telling from cards.Everything was logical and peaces of the puzzle fitted into each other.I wasn´t absolutely aware of
how terrible those things are…
Through the course Alfa towards Jesus

Until recently I´ve lived like many other people nowdays.It´s called the modern style.I was interested in the Eastern culture, exercised yoga, read books about Buddhism and many other ones that I´d found fantastic.I was into „the occult“ and things like that.

I worked out my own horoscope, was able to find out according to my name and date of birth what my life´d be like.I was mesmerized by fortune-telling from cards.Everything was logical and peaces of the puzzle fitted into each other.I wasn´t absolutely aware of how terrible those things are which I was doing and I was interested in.I realized that it wasn´t my cup of tea when I was at the yoga seminary.They encouraged us to repeat mantras and to become vegetarians.Some songs were enthusiastically sung here which were very pleasant to listen to ( I think they were Indians ) but they filled me with disgust instead of joy..I was rather sad about it because I felt that it didn´t make sense what I was doing and was interested in.

I was disappointed and didn´t have zest for life.My husband couldn´t understand my state of mind because we´ve got everything so that we might be happy.We´re well, have good jobs and a fine clever son.Not even myself knew what more I wanted to have in my life.One evening I returned from my son´s parents meeting that didn´t come out well for the first time.There was nobody at home so it occured to me to get off and go to the church.I didn´t know that there was just the Holy Mass being served nor I knew what the Mass actually was.I was welcome by some songs that touched me and I realized this was the place I belonged to.The priest just talked about the Eastern religions, about astrology and emphasized that these things are very bad and aren´t suitable for us.I felt lousy because I knew he´d been right.

Then I started to go to the church more frequently and was very sorry about the fact that there had been nobody I could ask about so many things that crossed my mind.I was looking on the Internet and I came across pages that offered the encounter with Jesus.
/ The website administrator´s note: Iveta visited the pages on February 24, 2004 and sent us this e.mail: Good morning.I read about the Course Filip.I´d like to attend this course but I don´t know if I´m allowed to take part in it.I don´t know what you need in order to participate in it.Will you please let me know in case that it´s necessary to have some extra knowledge that would prevent me from participating.If it´s possible to take part in it could you kindly send me some more information about the date and the way how I shall put my name down.Thank you.Yours Sincerely, Iveta Chmelařová /.

So I had a try.Then everything went smoothly.I received the application form for the course in Kroměříž and was suggested to bring my husband along.At that moment I didn´t know how much important his presence will be for me.The Alfa answered lots of my questions, thanks to the Alfa I met lots of nice people who helped me at the beginning of my knowing God and thanks to whom my husband also started to long for God.At the course we´ve learned the most essential things, that is, to pray and to read the Bible.It was only then when we understood that to pray doesn´t mean a duty but a grace for the Christians.We´re very advantageous to be able to come close to God every day when praying for our problems and worries.We know he is our mainstay and thanks to Jesus, who´s died for us, we can come closer to God although we´ve wronged God, people and ourselves so much.

After the end of the course we started to prepare for receiving the sacraments.Owing to the Alfa we knew that sacraments were the gift we´d been yearning for.And so during that year we had a church wedding, life confession, the first communion and confirmation.When I look back I can see Jesus has lead us.I´d never be capable of planning anything in the way that those things might fit into each other.Since the very first moment we were brought to the Alfa we were lead step by step.We were given some information cautiously and bit by bit according to our faith.I believe the Lord will lead us all the time.

At the course, which was such tremendous experience for me that after a few days I was a bit confused, the opportunity to surrender our life to Jesus presented itself, so I seized it.I know we can surrender our life to Jesus no matter where, for example, in the middle of our room.However, you are so fragile that you´re always worried of not making some mistakes or if you are doing things properly.At the course Filip I got rid of these anxieties and realized completely my gratitude to Jesus.I became aware of what he´d done for me that he loves me and he leads me to himself although I was so bad.I might be better with his help.I realized there is nothing in my life I can repay Jesus for forgiving me my tresspasses and giving me a chance to live better.Jesus is giving me the better life now.Our relationship with my husband deepened, we understand much more than ever, we´ve got same longings and wishes that we haven´t known before.We lived in a nice manner judging from the others´viewpoint but we had different interests.I was interested in the Eastern culture but my husband didn´t agree with it.He endured it out of love for me.He was into the sports.We were living next to one another but nowdays we are living together.In addition, I got rid of my feelings of despair and found joy and zest for life.

 In conclusion, I´d like to tell you I´m thankful for all my life because I know this was my journey through life and I wouldn´t understand lots of things without what I´ve experienced.


I wish everyone could know the love that God gives us, could know the certainty in this life, that they don´t have to be afraid of anything because they´ve got the greatest protection that can ever be, that is only Jesus Christ.
Iveta Chmelařová, Zlín, June 2005

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